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Our Core Values

At LEL, we believe everyone has value.  Our goal is to partner with each individual we serve and work with them towards achieving their best life.  We meet our families and individuals where they are in life and we help navigate to find the best options that are available. 

Our vision for our individuals is to provide them with ample opportunities to engage within their community.

  • LEL provides a variety of activities that help all our individuals to live their great life.
  • We promote opportunities to take part in self-advocacy, learn new skills, participate in various hobbies, enjoy Lunch with Friends, participate in Action Clubs, learn a new language, join a walking group, attend Camp events, etc.
  • By engaging our individuals in unique and fun ways, our individuals develop natural lasting relationships and friendships and thrive in life experience.

We eliminate boundaries of community integration to allow our individuals to experience limitless engagement opportunities.

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