At LEL Home Services, You Are More Than Just a Number - You Are Family

We work with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and the aging population and their families to live their best life, funded by the Medicaid Waiver.



You Are More Than a Number with LEL, You Are a Member of the Family.

Group Shot -- LEL

Meet Our Founder

It all began with a single mom and her son with autism. 

Our passion is to improve the lives of the individuals we serve, through services that are family, individual, and community-centered, while focusing on personal preference and informed choice because we all deserve to live a GOOD LIFE.


Our Support Options

LEL Home Services receives its funding through the State Medicaid Waiver Program. We are approved to provide a variety of home and community-based services within the Community, both in Indiana and Ohio. 

LEL assists individuals to acquire, improve and maintain skills meaningful to go about daily routines. Supports are typically provided in the individual and/or family home.

Ready to Get Started?

Our Process At LEL Home Services

1. Reach Out to the Referral Department

2. Onboard through the Intake Process

3. Start Living Your Best Life with LEL


What Others are Saying

From my experience, I love that it's very family focused and family oriented. I think that LEL does a really great job of trying to support their clients in living and achieving their best life. That vision of a good life really is supported by LEL and from, I think, a leadership standpoint and that trickles down to the individual staff who work with clients as well.
They respect their employees. They respect the lives of the people that they're caring for and they respect the family members and the people who are involved with those people that they're taking care of.
It was just really, really enlightening and I was just so happy. It was like a burden had been lifted off of me when I was able to sit and talk face-to-face with them.
They don't talk down to her. They elevate them. They treat them like young adults and the adults that they are. I appreciate that.
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